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Graphene RFID

 Graphene RFID Antenna Printed on Cloth 

​Graphene RFID antenna is produced by using silkscreen printing technology and graphene ink - a highly conductive ink. It can be printed on materials such as paper, textiles, and PET film, etc.


Some Advantages:

  • Green The production process of Graphene RFID tag is free from pollution.

  • Longer Lifetime : Graphene RFID antenna has stable chemical performance and longer lifetime than aluminum RFID antenna.

  • Anti-tamper & Fragile : Because of graphene's sheet structure, graphene RFID antenna will be randomly damaged when the tag is torn out, and cannot be reused.

  • Better RX/TX Performance : Due to the uncommon properties of graphene, the graphene RFID antenna has excellent RX/TX performance.

  • Flexible : Graphene RFID antenna is flexible and can be pasted on objects with different shapes.

  • Printable : Graphene RFID antenna can be printed on many materials.

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